Alexandre Pesenti, votre artisan-conseil !

Welcome to the era of globalization !

Even the building must now think "global"

A mason or other craftsman must now be able to cross: complete the task while pondering the energy performance, the quality of indoor air, location accessibility, noise but also on the management waste and regulations. And above all do not lose sight of that housing is made to live and that the occupant must feel good.

So GLOBÂTIS Welcome !

The architect of your renovation, construction, maintenance and expansion. Thermal Evaluation, Diagnosis and accessibility Free Quote.

Why Globatis ?

Because with a great experience for over 15 years Globatis ensures expertise in many areas.


Evaluate, advise, find the best solution adapted to your wishes and possibilities and talk.

Personal assistance

Because you are unique, your project is unique! And deserves our listening and our assistance.


Once agreed set of the date of the work, we are committed to them.

A clear and efficient pricing

All prices are studied. The rate established during the estimate will be the same as the bill whatever happens except endorsement.


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    Philippe M.
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